Call Center Seat Leasing in the Philippines

Companies considering the Philippines for their call center requirements have the option of leasing seats within an existing call center facility and running their own show. Whether to outsource to third party call center service providers in the Philippines or to go on their own by leasing seats, one of the key factors in that decision is the companies’ own experience level in successfully running a call center.

If a company does not have substantial experience in building out their own facilities it actually makes more sense for them to lease seats from a call center leasing provider such as Axceleris Solutions and to run their own show for a while. Call center seat leasing also makes good economic sense for companies that want to maximize efficiency in specialized markets or products and/or are very sensitive about customer experience and service quality.

Many companies who choose the ‘lease-seat’ option for getting established in the Philippines do so because they feel they understand their products, services and customers better than any third party service provider could. Today six out of 10 call center startups in the Philippines opt to start out by leasing s few seats in an existing call center. The key advantage here is that the company can start operating right away with no upfront investment. Another key peace-of-mind factor in this scenario is that they know there will be no technical problems since other clients are obviously running their campaigns out of the same facility and are utilizing the same IT & telco infrastructure.

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